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Be welcome to free your hand to discover what lies in the deepest rooms of your imagination! Free-writing is a pre-writing technique, in which you will loosen your thought process and write continuously for a set period of time without regard to spelling or grammar. You have a literary treasure hidden within, waiting to be released.

RSVP for one of the 4-WEEK FREE-WRITING WORKSHOP series, or these exciting one session workshops:


We will schedule more events and series in flexible schedules as year goes by.

4-WEEK FREE WRITING WORKSHOP SERIES: 4 sessions of 2 hours each. (8 hours total):

SESSION 1: Introduction and Sensorial Stimulation. Visual and acoustic stimulations. Let go of your “annoying inner editor.”
SESSION 2: Intellectual Stimulation and New Writing Habits. Intellectual stimulation. Experiment with a new page layout, font type and styles. Let’s play with different paper textures, crayons and more.
SESSION 3: Welcoming the “Savvy Inner Editor” and Creating New Characters. Pick your favorite stimulation method. Write, write, write… edit, edit, edit, and why not? Share your outcome! Also, tips for creating new characters.
SESSION 4: Writing Marathon. Have fun and write for 50 minutes by utilizing your new skills. Extra, extra! Right handed? Try something different by using your left hand. Lefty? Use your right hand and be surprised by what you could do.

LOCATIONS: We will settle different locations for each workshop within the Metro Denver Area.

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* Attendees must be 18+ years.



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