Thank God it´s over NaNoWriMo 2018

Yesterday, I finished the challenge NaNoWriMo 2018 (National Novel Writing Month), and now, I have in my hands the first draft of my novel "No breaks". I feel so happy, for I was able to complete more than 50,000 words, not without sweating and having moments of great pleasure as moments of under pressure writing,... Leer más →

NaNoWriMo is here!

Hello, my NaNoWriMo fellas! I'm so excited for November is here and this is the perfect time to rock on and write our beloved novel. Are you on it for this year? I am! I'll write a novel about one of my greatest passions: racing. My novel's title is "Sin freno" (No brakes). It takes... Leer más →

The Boy From The Future

When the teacher asked him to introduce himself before the group, he said: "I am Andrew and I come from the future". The mockery did not wait, nor the torrent of nicknames that flooded over him. "Hey, galactic kid, where did you park your ship?" They asked. "I don’t need one," he replied. "And… how... Leer más →

Poetry: As tart as green apples

As tart as green apples That is the taste you left on my mouth. I remember the butterflies that flied out from your pen And the happy hunt that I used to make of them. Now, there are only worms with no colors nor wings. You made me chase my dreams Those that you hurt... Leer más →

Poetry: Be still

Be still, my child, under the winds of life, Be strong by staying close to your soul. Do not let the storm of sorrow ravish your heart. Be still, my brave one, While holding on to the pieces of memories That you have about me. Be still, my boy, Do not let the despair change... Leer más →

Poetry: Glowing creatures

We are the intruders of life, Two white swans carving a new trail in the water As a knife which slides into the flesh. Those swans are you and me: Two souls glowing in the dimness, Hanging on to each other in the darkest times, For your faith shines over me, And your bravery pushes... Leer más →

#NanoHop Welcome

Hello, my new friends through #NanoHop. I’m so glad to know you. Raimey Gallant has made a wonderful (and exhausting) job in getting us together, hasn’t she? In the further days, I’ll be knocking doors in your blogs in an effort to be participative in this new community. Meanwhile, let me introduce myself: I’m a... Leer más →

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